Ford Fiesta — poor service

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Dear Mr. Rajesh Shah,

I had the worst service experience of my life at BHAVNA Ford Nerul. I own a ford fiesta TDCI ZXI vehicle registration number is MH03AM 7706.Let me brief you about the problem.
I had handed over the car for routine servicing. Your advisor told me that the injector bush needs to be changed. I had agreed to his recommendation and the car was given back to me on 17th May 2010.The invoice number for the same is CRIAA0085100.The moment the car was handed over to me I went for trail and found out that the engine noise had actually increased .I immediately brought the advisor's attention to this problem. Your advisor agreed that the noise had rather increased after the servicing, he explained to me that it was minor problem and that I should come on 22nd May 2010 and the problem will be rectified.
On 22nd May 2010 due to free check camp held at your service centre, nobody was available to answer my problem. Again they told me to come on 24th May 2010 and still nobody was available to take care of my problem. I was forced to meet the service manager that day as things were not working out .The service manager asked his advisor to take trial of the car. The advisor responded that there was a small noise in the engine, but he was not sure whether it came from the engine or pulley. The service manager explained to me that If this noise was because of the injector bush fitted by us than we will rectify it free of charge, but if it is due to the pulley then we need to check. When I countered them by asking that how could there be noise after the servicing. They gave a casual answer of coincidence which was not convincing because it the responsibility of the service to check the car thoroughly before handing over to us. They both assured me that I should come on 29th May as they were heavily loaded that day and car would not face any problems till then.
On 29th May 2010,I again handed over the car to them in the morning. I had decided to wait and see what they were doing with my car. At least for 2 hours nobody even bothered to look at the problems. When the car was handed over to me in the evening it had a terrible engine noise, which was far greater than the earlier one .It was at least ten times the earlier sound.
At this point of time I was totally disrupted. First of all they did not rectify the problem and instead they added on to it. The service manager again started with his “coincidence” story and was not even ready to take the responsibility. I may not be an expert but I am a mechanical engineer and I can tell when the service manager was trying to fool me with his repeatative “coincidence” story. After arguing with the service manager for a long time I had to tow the car home. When I asked him about how many days it would take to rectify this problem he was confused and answered about 15 days.
Customers expect that their problems will be reduced after giving the car at authorized dealer ,but in my case they actually generated problems in my car each time I came and didn’t even take the responsibility.My time,money and energy is wasted due to the poor sevice and also my problems have doulbed due to carelessness of the service mechanics.
Request you to please give urgent attention to the problem and come out with a solution as soon as possible.
Vivek Desai
+91 [protected]

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