Ford Fiesta — Rude behaviour of service executives at Cauvery Ford

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This is a very uncommon thing I have experienced. i had given my Ford Fiesta car for second free service with the ford dealer Cauvery ford located on Kanakpura road. The car was picked up by the driver and he got it back with in 3 hours. To my findings there were scracthes on the right side of the car.

In order to get this clarified I went to the showroom along with the car, the service Manager Joseph refused to accept the car and asked me to wait for the Service Executive Sunil who had apparently gone for lunch and I was asked to wait for about 30 min. Joseph was not ready to listen and when checked in the pick up papers there were no marks of the damage at that particular page and at one instance he said take the car and go away. Hard to take when a manager speaks like this to the customer.

Meawhile the guy Sunil came down and he started shouting at me, the only thing I asked was about the scratches that were quite visible on my car. The conversation increased and that guy started to use all fowl language with all f and b's rite in front of the managers. I was surprised to see that the managers were keeping mum on this and no one was ready to stop him. Every one was blaming me, a few of the other customers were also complaining of the same behaviour with them.

I had addressed the same issue with Ford India and nothing turned out. I only recevied a call from Cauvery Ford asking me to have trust in them.

Sunil is still working with Cauvery Ford. I work in an IT company and if by any chance we had spoken this way to our clients, we would be fired. I am sure that any industry would not take their employees to misbehave with the customers. This is the first of it sort that i have seen.

I have decided not to go for any further products by Ford in the furture how ever tempting the product might be. Especially with Cauvery Ford.

Such cheap behaviour by the company authorities is not expected. And after it has happened the way the complaint was handled is totally un professional. It shows that these companies are good to the customers only till the sale happens. And after that the customer is treated like beggars.

I would suggest every one to think twice before going to Cauvery Ford.


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