Ford Fiesta Tdci Zxi — poor service & maintenance

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Since its 1st day the car was giving a mileage of 13-15 KMPL in diesel company claim 31KMPL. i was told by company that till it completes 10000kms mileage is low. thereafter they said 15000kms. at 30000kms i was always complaining for low mileage & rear side noise in suspension. ultimately car started running at a maximum speed of 80kmph, & company wakes and repairs the car, changes its 4-5 parts . from that time till my car completed 60000kms the car has visited service centre for more than 20 times in last 8 months, but the car runs for[protected]kms and again the same problem arises. still the car dont give a good pick up, engine stops and starts at more than 2000RPM speed & pickup slows down from speed of 80kmph mileage is 13-15kmpl. service centre customer care wants me to take the car again & again to the service centre, i shall not do my work but take rounds of service centre after every 1000kms & each time get a bill that is to be paid by me!

car goes from service centre after its timely service and timing belt breaks.
again car goes from service centre after its timely service & brakes start making noises.
again the rear view side mirrior knobs are stolen, diesel tank full was given and tank is half while i get the car, bonnet liver found broken, car is so dirty from inside and they give a damn oil polish on which more dust makes thicker layer.

after asking them for a replacement vehicle i get the answere "Sir, your vehicles condition is far better then our replacement vehicles" I have to urgently go for my work car is not running @ more than a speed of 80kmph what shall i do?

Biggest mistake of my life is purchasing a FORD.

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