Ford Figo Exi — Status of booked car not available

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Here I wish to share my experience with Shreeji Ford Thane

I had booked ford figo EXI (moondust silver) at Shreeji ford dealership, Thane(W) Maharashtra, on 24th of Mar 2010, paying the booking amount of INR 25 000. I was told on the same day that the car has a waiting period of 15-20 days and I’ll be notified of the car details like chassis and engine number by 10th Apr 2010. Nobody informed me on the day. As I decided to pay total 130 000 as down payment, I went to showroom on 13th Apr 2010 to make remaining payment of INR 105,[protected] + 105 000 = 130000) which I did on the same day and to check the status of my car. But i didn't get satisfactory answers and dealer promised me that he would provide me the status by 15 Apr. Meanwhile I personally processed the remaining loan amount and insurance from outside as the representative of the same bank at dealer's place was not able to provide me better deal on loan.
So I again visited the showroom on 15th Apr and was shocked to find non availability of the status. Dealer told me that my car is not yet sent from Chennai. WOW, this was first slap on my face. Noticing my disappointment, dealer offered me an option to go for Diamond white EXI variant which was landed in their custody on the same day or I have to wait. This is my first car in lifetime and I needed it by 2nd of May for my plans. Feeling almost cheated, I kept my sentiments for color aside and decided to opt for white.
The sales manager assured me that I’ll be provided the status of this diamond white by 20 Apr 2010. Having experience so far, As expected, no body cared to inform me about the satus of my car. So I was constantly kept following up with them from 20th Apr to 21st Apr on phone, nobody was ready to answer/return my calls. Neither the sales executive nor the sales manager. By 23rd of Apr, the remaining amount was disbursed to the dealer and when I again checked with them personally, I encountered the shocking answer that the diamond car which they allotted me has been damaged while landing and I have to wait till next lot come from Chennai. Well well well, this was a tight slap than the earler one.

A real hard time for me and the bad experience at Shreeji Ford Dealership. I didn't expect such a service from a dealer of Ford motors. I have no option and have to wait till infinite time. Now I have lost my excitement as well as interest in my first car in life. Will never forget this cheat.

Bottomline is .. the car is great but my request to all prospective cutomers in Thane vicinity to please rethink if you are booking the car at Shreeji Dealership.

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