Ford / Figo Titanium Delivery — Delivery Not On Time

+91 44 2455 1500 (Corp. Office South)
+91 22 6702 4300 (Corp. Office West)
+91 12 4387 3001 (Corp. Office North)
S.P. Koil Post, Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India – 603204

I booked Ford Figo Titanium Deisel (Silver Color / Black Dashboard) on 21st March 2010 and I clearly told I want Delivery on 8th April 2010 as it is my Birthday. They told they will be able to deliver and taken the booking amount of 25k. Till date I have not received the car and if ask for what is the status they are unanserable? How many days you will give the Delivery? They are unable to answer? It is really a reticulus service from Talera Ford Yerwada Pune. When the Customer requirement is specific i.e Ford Figo Titanium Deisel (Silver Color / Black Dashboard). They are asking me to go for Sea Gray with Red Dash Board/ Silver with Red Dashboard / Chill Metalic with Red Dashboard which is not good from Customer Point of View. When requirement is clear they are not able to deliver?
Good in Giving False Promises to Customers.
Manager itself has accepted that Red Dashboard is flop design and people are not ready to accept the same.

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