Ford Figo — Tyres are or the worst quality

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Hi all,

This is the complaint I lodged with "[protected]" for which I am yet to get response. Is there some local support available for complaints in Ahmedabad City???

Dear Mr. MD,

This is with reference to a quality concern with Ford' new vehicle – Figo.

I own Figo (bought on 27.03.2010) from Eagle Ford, Rajkot (Gujarat). The car has not travelled more than 2500 kms (not even first service is done). The tyre quality is so bad that a tubeless tyre, a high tension one, has got burst on city roads (tyres are of JK). I was fortunate that I was not driving it on highway/expressway or else would have met a severe accident. I just wanted to ask why this quality compromise is done? Is it just for the sake of aggressive pricing?? Should I continue using this car with the same set of tyres??? Is this safe for family driving???

I am not very happy to write this mail actually as I had certain quality expectations from Ford, had it been some other car company that is not image conscious, I would not have written this mail, but at Ford I am hopeful that this quality aspect is given importance. I am looking for a positive response in this regard.

Hope to hear a favourable reply soon.

Vehicle Identification Number : AS 85575
Key No : T 34244
Invoice No. : R 42/2 /09-10
Dealer : Eagle Ford
Code : 9XZ 766V

Thanks and Regards,
Parin Shah

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