Ford / Ford Fiesta — Poor Service, Quality & People’s Response

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Kind Attn:
Mr. Michael Boneham – Managing Director and President
Mr. Nigel E.Wark – Executive Director, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford India

Dear Sirs,


In reference to above subject matter, I would like to put in some feedback on down the lines operations actually happening at M/s Ford Outlets and request for your inter-vetion for resolution and support.

Vehicle Details:
~ 1.4 EXI TDCI Diesel – Colour: P. Red
~ Chassis No. : 7M41699
~ Dealer Invoice Number (Just Got One Hour Back)
– VSLA701377 dated 28/02/2009
~ Vehicle Delivery date: 09/03/2008 @ 5:50pm (Proof can be shown)
~ Vehicle Warranty as per Details given by Dealers (Proof Can Be Shown)
– 29/02/2008 to 13/03/2010
~ Billing Name: M/s Hindustan Sanitary & Industries Limited
~ Total No. of Ford Cars Purchased by company till date ~ Min.25-30 Numbers

1) Present Problems:
~ M/s Harpreet Ford Refused for giving extended warranty as 2 Years are over from date of Invoice i.e. 29/02/2008. However the warranty expiry as per document is 13/03/2010.
~ Undersigned has visited to Dealer Counter on 03/03/2010 for renewal considering warranty expiry 13/03/2010.
~ No one at Dealer counter ready to give solution, however the problem is genuine and known to every one.
~ Customer relation at Dealer counter seems to be very helpless as there is no empowerment given to dealer and all the things needs to be decided by M/s Ford India. (Looks like Bureaucratic approach of system)

My Concern:
~ Who will take the responsibility in case if any incident takes place with vehicle
~ How will I get my extended warranty for next 2 years is an question mark and again at what cost??
~ None of the person is ready to take any responsibility in the case
~ There is no contact person or phone number of Ford India, who can actually sort out the matter

2) Quality & Service Feedback:

2.1 A/C Problem: Since last 2 Years, there have been 3 times complaint in AC performance
– 1st Problem: Reported at Harpreet Ford during 1st service of improper cooling effect: The solution given was Gas Topping up
– 2nd times: Reported to NCR ford as well as to Chennai Office for AC Not working: Solution given was Discharge Pipe Burst and Gas Leak ï’ Am sure this problem was definitely due to over charging, causing Discharge Pipe Bursting by paying Gas Leak & labour Charges for no fault of mine.
– 3rd Times: Again after 6-8 months AC is not working, fortunately due to winters in north, am able to manage

My concerns on AC Performance:
– Why as a customer should I suffer for poor quality or workmanship
– Why and on what ground should I pay for again AC repair irrespective of any fault in Air conditioners ( If AC fails 3 Times in 2 Years)
– Even on discussion at Svc Ctr, the upfront replies comes in you need to change cooling coil even without inspecting and going into details

2.2 Head Lights Functioning:
– In last 2 Years one by one all the bulbs have gone faulty not due to basic failure of bulbs but it is due to poor quality of connectors
– The problem was very well reported during my car service ï’ the default replies came, it was loose and now tightened and now working ok. Which in fact again goes faulty in a weekâ¬"s time?
– On discussion with your services centers, the simple replies comes, I have to get the complete head light changed as connector has gone faulty and connector doesnâ¬"t come as spare part.
– The problem observed is basically connectors are neither checked during services nor any one found out the exact root cause and provides solution

My concern:
– Why for a small connector, I need to get my complete head light changed
– Why there is no part code given to me for purchase of connectors and to get the matter resolved.
– Why should I pay even for bulbs and connectors, when it is the problem of poor workmanship and quality of connectors and basic wiring system inside
2.3 Truck Lock: The truck lock has been replaced twice and still there is problem in the lock.
2.4: Back Seat & Door Noise: There have been number of times complaint has been given to svc ctr for the noise but it is like passing the complaints through ears but no solution.
2.5 Pick Up Problem: There has been drastic change in Pick up and no one is actually looking into the matter even after repeated reminders

My concern:
– I am scared that if there is no one to take care of above said small problem, then in case of any major incident (e.g. Engine Failure etc), I will be only at the mercy of God and Ford Service.

3: Spare Parts Pricing/ Service Charges:
– When ever the vehicle goes for servicing, there has been actually illogical amount charged e.g. Instead of changing the connector, complete head light change is suggested
– AC is never been checked properly and cooling coil replacement is suggested.
– Break Pads charges are Rs. 1800/- where in same quality is available in market @ Rs. 600/- + tax ( original one)

My concern;
– Why should I suffer for all illogical charges and reasons
– It seems â¬S Ford India is more focused on Dealer ROI and revenue based working without giving solution on even basic services to customer

– In my last 15-20 times visit your svc ctrs, I have never seen a guy from Ford India at service center, who can actually go insight to customer problems
– The best way to find out the facet of front line service operations is to pl. give one mock call by personally visiting to service center and personally checking the service levels or
– Let some independent agency carry out market benchmark on service and measure customer satisfaction index to have a very â¬very fare idea on service

Last, due to all the above there are number of customers, who actually want to get rid of Ford Product just because of
– Poor service, quality of product & peopleâ¬"s response.
– Resale value of Ford Cars is also very low
– And no once wants to buy ford.

From all above, I would request you to pl. support and intervene into the matter for resolution of my complaints else I would be left with no option but to leave Ford Brand forever.

Look forward to hear from you

Thanking you

for M/s Hindustan Sanitaryware & Industries Limited

Manish Goel

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