Ford — How to sue car service company

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I bought ford ikon from one of the certified car showroom company and they gave me warranty of 3 months along with 1 free service.

My car was doing great( as you expect from Ikon) then I gave the car for service. Immediately after service AC started giving me less cooling and since it was weekend I though of showing it to those people on Monday but Sunday night car suddenly stopped in late night and those people were not reachable. Then after sometime it started and drove it very slowly as I could see the engine was heating more than normal.
Next day I took my car to workshop and after few inspections they told me that there is some leakage of coolant because which engine is getting heated and finally stopping so they asked for couple of days time to repair the same. After 2-3 days of my follow-up they told me that there was a hole in engine head and they have given that for repair and I should get my car in another day or two but lately they said that the head has got few cracks and therefore they will have to change the head and this will cost me more than 35000.

I feel that because of these people negligence while servicing all these problems came up because if there was any coolant loss then they should have checked it while servicing. I want to know from anyone in the forum that I can go to consumer forum and file a case against them for negligence and ask them for paying the loss occurred because of that?

Kindly help me.


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