Ford Ikon 4d 1.4tdci — Defects in AC of Ford Ikon 4D 1.4TDCI

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This is inform u that I purchased Ford Ikon 4D 1.4TDCI from Saluja Ford C-43, Industrial area Phase III, S. A. S. Nagar Mohali on 13th April 2009. Car’s Registration no. is PB-74- 0052. It has run 19075 km upto[protected].
I am facing a repeated problem of Air Condition in my car. During the running of car suddenly the AC starts blowing the cold air to hot air. This create very un comfortable condition in the car which force us to stop the journey.
In spite of switching of the AC the blower continuously blow the Hot air. Day by day the problem is exaggerating and it is reported to Saluja Ford C-43, Industrial area Phase III, S. A. S. Nagar Mohali and they attended the problem on first 2500 km, secondly 5000 km , thirdly 10000 km, During the second free servicing of the car it was informed to us that they change over Valv of AC is defective, and Saluja Ford replaced the defective Valv with the new Volv.
In spite of replacing the defective Valv the problem could not solved and again AC has started blowing the hot air (on AC cold mode) after around 3000 km. The same problem was reported to your Saluja Ford and they asked to send the Vehicle at their workshop on third servicing and the problem will be properly attended.
On[protected] we send the Vehicle for the servicing. They opened the Valv and cleaned it but they did not give any assurance for the removal of main AC defect and they declared that it is manufacturing/design defect in this model. They refused to give us in writing and forcing us to sign their satisfactory test certificate. Since I am facing the repeated problem, I am not satisfied with their reply.
Saluja Ford asked me that without giving my under taking for the satisfactory certificate they will not deliver the Vehicle to me and Vehicle is not handed over to me. Due to non availability of this vehicle I am loosing around 1600/- per day on account of hiring the taxi. Since it is manufacturing/design defect as declared by Saluja Ford you are requested to take the immediate action in this regard otherwise it may force me to take legal action.

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