Ford Ikon — Appaling dealer service

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S.P. Koil Post, Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India – 603204

Model : 2000 Ford Ikon 1.6 Petrol ( KL-2H-7695)
Dealer : Kairali Ford, Trivandrum
Compliant regarding service provided by the dealer
I am writing this compliant feeling completely tired and helpless by the service provided by the dealership. I own a 2000 model 1.6 ikon which is having lot of trouble of late. I have spend close to 1.5 lakhs in the past 4 months on the car. The reason I am writing this mail is around 3 months back fresh out of the service centre after having done a major over haul I noticed the temp gauge rising after driving for around 20 mins. One or two incidents later I returned the car back to the dealership citing the problem. The service personnel said that the A.C clutch had blown off which disconnected the belt drive and hence water was not being circualter for cooling. They said they had ordered for a new a.c clutch and the wait started. THey made me wait for 3 months saying that the company did not have the 1.6 ac clutch since prodn had been stopped. Around two week back they said the company had shipped the part from chennai to trivandrum. If the dealers are to believed the part took two weeks to reach from Chennai to Trivandrum by courier. Now according to them the part has reached the centre and they are still working on it. After infinite number of phonecalls and visits to place my patience has run out. I feel completely cheated by the service centre whose service has been appaling to say the least.I am not sure as to when I am going to get my car back.

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