Ford / Ikon — Extremely Disappointing care of car @ Harpreet Motors, Sahibabad

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Extremely Disappointing care of car @ Harpreet Motors, Saibababad

Dear Sir/Madam,

I got my car repaired after accident from Harpreet Motors, Saibababad on[protected] with Inv No. IN903383SB. When I went to take the delivery of my car I saw that the labors was trying to start the workshop full generator using my cars battery as gen set battery was not working. They tried to start the gen set using my car’s battery 4-5 times and when I shouted on them that how can you do this kind of stuf[censored]sing customers cars and that too in front of customer they removed my car and started using someone else car. When I called the GM of the center and talked to him, the response I got from the GM was not at all to the standards of ford and instead of saying that we will not repeat this kind of stuff and it’s a wrong thing, he said “koi farak nahi padta sir roj meri car use hoti hai aaj tak to kuch nahi hua. When we start customer’s car using our battery on breakdown then you don’t say anything. And now when we are using yours you are shouting”. After listening to all this I took my car and came back home. Now today I wanted to go somewhere, I tried to start my car and it was not starting as the battery of the car if fully discharged. The car self, cabin lights, boot light, center locking are not working at all because there is nothing left in the battery.

I am really disappointing and annoyed by all this and now I believe its better to get your car serviced from road side vendors instead of going to Ford Service Center specially harpreet ford. When the staff are not trained how to take care of customer car, the GM who don’t know how to give a response to customer and how to deal with customer, what the point on spending so much on service and taking lot of pain to take the car to ford service center. I will follow and suggest and all my relatives & friends to never get your car serviced from Ford Service Center.

Also, just to add to the disaster I would also like to inform you that my car was damaged from back side by one of the service guy. The back portion of the car was damaged badly during servicing and now the boot lock is not working properly and working very hard.

Please look into this ASAP or I have to look into other ways to take action against this.

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