Ford Ikon — Servicing Problem

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I had given my Ford Ikon for Servicing at the NCR Ford Service Center in South Delhi. The car was brought in for regular servicing and I had requested for the following add-ons:

1. Dry Cleaning of the Interiors
2. Tail light replacement
3. Tyre Rotation (which is part of the regular servicing package, but I mentioned it specifically)

When I received the car back, the interiors of the car were utterly filthy and absolutely unusable. There was food on the seats, indicating that someone had eaten while sitting in that car; there was dirt on the floor, which was previously not there; and there were leaves all over the insides of the car and even in the boot.

The tyres were not rotated AT ALL, and in fact, my spare wheel was replaced by someone else's damaged wheel. This aspect, of replacement of the spare tyre, was noticed when I recently opened up the boot to get air filled into the tyre.

The service center also went on to add an added expense – of changing the radiator fan, which they claimed was running at a single speed (because the fan has two speed settings). The fan, in fact, was in perfect shape and did not require changing. In any case, whenever the service center changes a part, they are supposed to give us the old part as that belongs to us. However, there was no old part and they claimed that they had thrown it away, by mistake. Also, if there is any modification, fixing or repair that has to be carried out, the service center is required to inform me of the damage, as without my approval, they cannot carry out any such repairs that are chargeable.

They didn't care to do as much.

This was my worst experience with a service center ever and for 6 years, I have taken the car to another center of Ford, without any trouble. It was because the old center shut down that I had to get my car into the new place. I don't know if there is anything that writing on this forum will do but if there is, I hope that something happens about it.

Asit Ganguli

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