Ford Ikon — Trouble with A.C. – Pipe changed Three times in Three Months.

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I had purchased Ford Ikon 1.4 IKool (Engine No. 9C14699 ) on 02/01/10 from your esteemed dealer – Swarn Cars Pvt Ltd – 109/362, G.T. Road, Jarib Chowki, Kanpur, U.P.

My registration no. is UP78-BY-4039.

Its been just three months and my life has become hell. I am facing trouble every now and then.

Issues at the time of Repairs – 18/01/10:

Earlier my car had met with an accident and the repairs were done in Harpreet Motors Pvt Ltd. – 8/1-A, Site-IV, Sahibabad, Ind. Area, Ghaziabad. I had already faced a lot of issue in getting the repairs done in time. It took more than 15 days for them to deliver my car. The worst part was I had to wait for three hours to take the delivery of my car as 64 VB compliance was not done. Imagine, I was there to take delivery of my car after fifteen days, all the repairs were done, Bill was ready but 64 VB compliance was not done with the insurance company. This shows the professionalism of your Harpreet Motors Pvt Ltd.
Then I had clearly mentioned things to be repaired but which were not done –

1. Back seat hook was not fixed.

2. Light focus was not adjusted.

Issue after first service – 23/02/10:

After almost 24 days of the above repair, my car’s service was due. Hence on 23/02/10, I had sent my car for first free service. This was the time when the bigger trouble began. I got my car back the same day from Harpreet Motors Pvt Ltd. but to my surprise I found that my car’s A.C. was not working. I called the service manager – Mr Pankaj Bahl (who, in my opinion, has no manners of speaking to customers) who requested me to send the car to showroom again for check up next day. Since I was leaving for Jim Corbett on 24/02/10, I requested Mr Bahl to get the repairs done the same day as without a.c. it would be quite pain to travel. I was advised that the car’s A.C. pipe is cracked which will not be available before three to four days. There was also argument about the reason of this cracked pipe. Mr Bahl suggested that the pipe got cracked at the time of accident. I argued that how can the a.c. work for 24 days if it got damaged in accident. As there was no trouble with the a.c. after I got the delivery on 29/01/10 till 23/02/10 when the first service was done at their showroom. I was sure that some mistake/error has been done by the service men while doing the regular service.

Mr Bahl gave a temporary solution by filling the gas again suggesting that the a.c. will work with this gas for three to four days and by that time the pipe will be available to which I agreed. Forget about three to four days, all the gas leaked in just three hours and stopped working the same day. I had no choice but to leave for Jim Corbett without A.C. I was really annoyed as the weather was too hot. I had to first go to Kanpur and then had to proceed to Jim Corbett with my friends. I travelled more than 1200 kms without A.C. When I came back, the new pipe was fixed which lasted for four days.

First pipe was changed on 06/03/10

The pipe was changed and it lasted for fifteen days.

Second pipe was changed on 22/03/10

The pipe was changed and it lasted for just seven days. The a.c. stopped working on 29/03/10 while I was on my way to Kanpur. I took my car to Swarn Motors Pvt Ltd and was informed that the pipe will be available only after three days. I was really annoyed. I left the car there and told them I will be going back to Noida on 03/04/10. They arranged the pipe within three days. I also got my second service done as the car had travelled more thanm 10000 kms.

Third pipe was changed on 03/04/10

The pipe was changed and it lasted for just two days. The a.c. stopped working on 30/03/10.
Now, I am fed up with changing pipes and wasting my time. I have already gone through a lot of mental, and physical stress because of my car. Infact, I don’t like sitting in my car anymore. I never imagined that I was paying so much money for all this trouble. Please, either give me a permanent solution or help me in getting rid of this car. Earlier, I was driving a Hyundai car. In two years, I had not faced a single issue. With Ford, my car has visited workshop seven times.

Sajid – [protected].

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