Ford India Limited — amount not return to me as a booking amount

+91 44 2455 1500 (Corp. Office South)
+91 22 6702 4300 (Corp. Office West)
+91 12 4387 3001 (Corp. Office North)
S.P. Koil Post, Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India – 603204

I want to bring to your notice serious irregularity and wrong commitments being offered at Cargo Ford – C.G.Road – Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India.

My name is apurva bhagat.

A few days back i visited this dealer. i was interested in booking for Ford Fiesta. I was asked to pay Rs.25000/- as booking amount for the said car and I WAS EXPRESSLY INSURED BY THE DEALER THAT – IN CASE OF ME CANCELLING THE BOOKING I WILL BE REFUNDED 100% AMOUNT.

After some days, i went back to the same dealer asking for cancellation. i had to cancel the same because of some personal reasons.

He asked me to come tommorrow.. like this he made me to visit his showroom for 10-12 times… I had no other option but to follow him. He was making me wait some many a times and than used to say – Come Tomorrow.

Atlast He gave me a cheque of Rs.22000/- only. He said that Rs.3000/- is a cancellation charge.

I seriously didnt expect a company like ford to be this loose on its commitment. A company of this magnitute is not expected to be this non customer friendly.

I have faced enough trauma and problems because of this ruthless behaviour.


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