Ford South Africa / Ford Fiesta — Wrong Radio Fitted/NON Factory fitted Radio

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Solution selected: I would like you to replace the item

Solution description: No factory fitted radio

Good day

I'm from South AfricaI bode a Ford fiesta demo about two months ago from a car dealer and it was broad to my attention that the car was not standard as it should be ,I post a commend to Ford Fury Silverton head office and every time the story chance at first it was told that Ford made a mistake and the car had to be sold lake that then they told me that it does not came standard fitted with one and then only the 2010 and onwards will have a manufactured fitted radio ,the last mail I got from them was it came standard and it does not even have the rite amound of speakers only have two in,but because I didn’t bode it new from Ford (it's a demo)that they can't get involved, every time it’s a story on top of a story so what will the next story be, it’s excuses and unprofessional from them .it seems that they want do sweep it under the rug and think that it’s going to disappear ,if there is at the slates that someone can help and direct

will be appreciated

Wrong Radio Fitted/NON Factory fitted Radio

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