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Dear Sir,
1. Given vehicle AP11AG 4844 for service on 14-Apr-2010 and they agreed to deliver it on 15-Apr-2010 to Fortune Ford, Sanat Nagar, Hyderabad
2. The main problem told was to rectifiy the problem of pickup in A/C
3. After road test they asked to change clutch plates agreed and changed it
4. They delivered the vehicle on 19-Apr-2010, late evening. As they were in hurry, I have paid bills (Rs 15000+) and took the vehicle. The main problem for which I gave it to service was not rectified – pickup was drastically getting down with A/C.
5. I gave vehicle back to Mr. Anudeep and on 23-Apr-2010, they have not even found the root cause of the issue.
6. They gave the vehicle by rectifiying the problem after another Rs 5000+ bill
7. Again the next week my vehicle A/C was not working fine and I went to the service centre again and they said coolent is leaking and so have to change some part and charged me Rs 6000 +
8. Again after that I took my vehicle to Basar and while returning it got puncher for four times because of wheel alignment/ suspension problems and I left my vehicle in between as I was with my family (my kid is just 2 years) and I should thank God for getting returned home safely. I have changed all the tyres but still my vehicle is getting dragged to left side. When I asked to pickup my vehicle, he is saying troubles from the beginning.
9. On Wednesday(09-Jun-2010), my vehicle got delivered with a payment of Rs 26,300/- (saying it is in perfect condition).
10. I gave my vehicle back to the showroom on Friday (11-Jun-2010) as there is some noise coming in the front. Again there are saying some problem in some parts and it will cost me around Rs 8000/- and again there is a leakage in coolent oil.

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