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Re: 001/382150AA/HGH/10/1756:/Contract Agreement

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subjectRe: 001/382150AA/HGH/10/1756:/Contract Agreement

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Highgate Hospital
17-19 View Road


Re: 001/382150AA/HGH/10/1756:/Contract Agreement

We refer to your earlier forwarded application for job engagement with the Highgate Hospital, Today our Human Resources Department has confirmed your appointment in our Hospital considering your resume, on the above subject, the Highgate Hospital management hereby congratulates you on your successful emergence based on detailed recruitment.

Find attachment of the soft copy of the Contract of Agreement, which you are required to read carefully and argumentate where necessary. Upon your thorough review and acceptance of this offer, You are required to Print the last page of this Contract agreement, sign, Scan and send back to us via email with the under listed documents for documentation.

Scanned Copy of International Passport.
Proof Extensive Education.
Your Postal Mailing Address

Please include the Scanned Copy of family member passport that would be embarking on this trip with you.

The company shall be shouldering your work-permit and (family) visa expenses via our licensed Immigration attorney/agent of Office of the Immigration Services Commission(OISC); The Hard Copy of this Agreement Letter have been submitted to the employment attorney for endorsement, the action will be carried out the Ministry of Works also the Certificate of Sponsorship is with the Attorney.

All Legal processing regarding your entrance will be done here in the United Kingdom where your Contract Hard Copy was submitted; meanwhile deposit is ready on your behalf for your entry clearance documents, the Immigration Specialist will be responsible in handling your files upon the Sworn Affidavit of Oath from the British Crown Court of Justice.

The Sworn Affidavit of Oath is a written form of evidence used in court proceedings. The affidavit sets out the facts as you remember them. In legal matters, the evidence wanted for court to hear about your matter must be in a Sworn Affidavit of Oath, Your statutory declaration/statement of fact to abide in this contract and never to neglect The Highgate Hospital or your job responsibility will be made as your name is being sworn also you will incur the expenses of that at the crown Court.

All inquiry regarding the Sworn Affidavit of Guarantee should be sent to the contact below:

Address: 371 Cranbrook Rd., Ilford, London IG1 4UQ, United Kingdom.
Tel:+44 (0) [protected]

Fax: +[protected]
email: raphael.[protected]
Contact Person: Raphael M. Ferguson

You are expected to be sworn an Oath at the British Crown Court of Justice via the Immigration Specialist, Raphael M. Ferguson of the ILFORD LAW CHAMBER UK within 10 working days of receiving this Contract Agreement to enable the Company grant you the expenses on your Work-Permit and Visa Application.

Best regards,

Michael Booth
Highgate Hospital
17-19 View Road
N6 4DJ

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This Agreement Is Made on this Day, 3rd January, 2011.
Executive Summary
After evaluation of your CV/Resume and work experience(s), we found
you qualified to work with our team. Hence, the HIGHGATE HOSPITAL
LIMITED seeks to employ your services for the provision of expatriate
services as stipulated in the following acts and conditions herein.
This document embodies the approved terms of this contract.
START WORK DATE: 14th February, 2011
JOB REFERENCE NO.: 001/382150AA/HGH/10/1756
JOB LOCATION: 17-19 View Road, Highgate, London
You are required to work with us for a minimum of 24 Months, Your
Contract will be renewed depending on your performance and services to
our esteemed Company and this will come with Promotion.
You are required to resume your duty post on 14th February, 2011;
your working hours is from Monday – Friday, taking your duty off days on
Saturday and Sundays except on emergencies. Time – 8:00 am – 5:30pm.
Highgate Hospital Limited
17-19 View Road
London, N6 4DJ
Email: [protected]
Tel: +[protected]| Fax: +[protected]
Basic Monthly Salary: Your basic monthly salary is GBP 6,
520 (Six Thousand, five hundred and twenty pounds sterling)
after tax deduction, Kindly log on to to
convert your mentioned monthly salary (GBP) to your local
This payment will be made directly to your Bank account on
the 30th or 31st of every month as demanded by the British
working law. You don’t need to worry about taxes because all
the taxes and rates have been deducted already.
The HIGHGATE Management have secured an apartment in
our staff quarters close to the Company; you don’t need to
worry about shelter as the HIGHGATE Management has
already taken care of that.
 2 Bedroom flat for single and
 3 Bedrooms flat for family
At the Highgate Hospital staff quarters, company car and 10
Days break / Leave after every 90 Business Working Days.
You will be paid 880 GBP (Eight hundred and eighty pounds
sterling) extra for your health, transport and Wardrobe
(dressing) monthly.
Company Benefits
 Free meals whilst on duty
 Season Ticket Loan
 Loyalty Awards from year one
 External study programme sponsorship
 Sabbatical and Career Breaks
 Childcare Voucher Scheme
 NHS Dental Treatment Insurance
 Christmas gifts
 Private health care
 Two Month Upfront Salary
 Life Insurance
The HIGHGATE HOSPITAL LIMITED will provide the employee
with comprehensive health care for the term of Contract, and
follow-on care for any ill health suffered during the term of
contract for employee and family.
Because you did not undergo an oral/ telephonic interview;
you shall undergo a two(2) weeks Induction Training
sponsored by the management of the Highgate Hospital, as
this will help get you familiarized with your Designation with
the Highgate Hospital.
You will be expected to resume your job with the Highgate
Hospital after your 2 weeks training program; you are also
entitled to receive salary during your training program in UK.
Since you have been successfully screened and recruited by
the Human Resources Department, you are thereby advised
to Commence on your entry process with the HIGHGATE
Licensed Immigration specialist.
The Highgate Hospital Management shall be shouldering your
visa and work-permit expenses.
5.2 You shall be required to Sworn an Oath at Her Majesty Crown
Court of Justice before the management of the HIGHGATE
HOSPITAL commences on lodging your entry application at
the UK Border Agency of the UK Home Office.
5.3 The Sworn Affidavit of Oath is a written form of evidence
used in court proceedings. The affidavit sets out the facts as
you remember them. Your statutory declaration/statement of
fact to abide in this contract, never to neglect your job, will
be made as your name is being sworn. Also you will incur the
necessary expenses of such at the Court (Court expenses are
duly reimbursed)
5.4 All entrance related documents must be processed via the
Highgate Hospital Licensed Immigration Specialist to enable
the UK Home Office grant your Visa/Work Permit approval in
the due time as stipulated and also to avoid Visa refusal in
your Home Country; at the same time you shall be entitled to
personally incur the expenses as related to the acquisition
5.5 It is only when you are Sworn an Oath at Her Majesty Court
(UK) shall the HIGHGATE HOSPITAL commence on
shouldering your entry expenses; also you be entitle to
receive the “Reimbursement” benefit and Free Flight (Family)
Ticket, and two (2) Months Upfront salary.
5.5.1 All inquiry regarding the Sworn Affidavit of Oath at Her
Majesty Court should be sent to the below Contacts.
371 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, London IG1 4UQ, United Kingdom.
Tel: +[protected] | Fax: +[protected]
Contact Person: Raphael M. Ferguson
Email: raphael.[protected]
Tel :+44 (0) [protected]
Fax :+[protected]
One (1) year service to HIGHGATE HOSPITAL LIMITED is
required for eligibility to Loan. Starter’s amount will be GBP
10, 000 which can be re-paid within 2 years with £ 0.00
Two (2) month’s upfront salary (Inclusive of all allowances &
benefits) shall be paid in advance before employee re-locates
to new job location (as soon as the entrance documents are
confirmed ready).
All payments of salary after resumption of duty in the UK
shall be 75% paid into an offshore bank account which will be
provided by employee while the remaining 25% paid in cash
to employee upon arrival to the UK.
This is in line with the British Expatriate Financial Statutory
Laws. Also before such transfer is made employee's entry
document must be ready.
 Blackberry Bold 2 (9700onyx),
 Desktop Computer
 HP Laptop Computer,
2.0 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM (Core Dual), 24XDVDRW,
150GB Hard Drive, USB, Integrated Network
Adapter, Internal 56K Modem, Spare Battery and
necessary software shall be provided for workers in the
administrative, secretarial, layouts and managing
 Full time WIFI access is available
Safety and security of personnel (local/foreign) and facilities
on job locations and Communities are no small issues, You
will be required to Comply with the requirements of the
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of
Health and Safety at Work (Amendment) Regulations 1994 to
take responsible care of yourself and other persons who may
be affected by your acts or omissions at work.
You must not misuse or intentionally interfere with anything
provided in the interests of health and safety.
Recreational/Sports facilities shall be made available at the
disposal of all employees with no expenses to be incurred.
Laundry and dry cleaning, chef and gardener service will be
made available to employee by the managements’ unit on
The HIGHGATE HOSPITAL LIMITED is under an agreement
with the ILFORD LAW CHAMBER for the easiest and earliest
Work Permit acquisition with our international employee’s
that will be relocation to start work with us here.
All Entrance related document processing must be done with
the HIGHGATE Licensed Immigration specialist, Expenses
made/incurred by the Employee related to job before
commencement of duties shall be substantiated and
reimbursed by the employer on the conditions stated below,
hence the process was done by the ILFORD LAW CHAMBER.
Free UK flight ticket (via British Airways) will be issued to the
employee by the HIGHGATE as soon as the work permit and
visa have been endorsed by the UK Home Office via the help
of the Company Licensed Immigration specialist (ILFORD
LAW CHAMBER) Employee must present his/her soft-copy
of endorsed visa.
The employee will be reimbursed by the HIGHGATE
HOSPITAL LIMITED for reasonable relocating expense(s)
incurred ONLY as a result of relocation, e.g work
permit/entry process, and early termination of leases,
storage charges and Immunizations etc.
Reimbursement shall be made upon arrival in London not
later than fourteen (14) working days after submission of
employee’s expense report and receipt from Country of
 Expenses made by the employee in relation to house
hood equipments (e.g. TV, DVD, Desktop computer
etc) pets, and other personal assets shall not be
 Employee is strongly advised to keep original receipts
and evidence of payment(s) made before arrival to the
United Kingdom as reimbursement applications made
without receipt or evidence of payment shall be
The Contract Agreement
 Neither party may assign their obligations nor rights under this
agreement to any other person in any circumstances whatsoever
except with the prior written consent of HIGHGATE HOSPITAL
 No waiver of any breach of this agreement shall be deemed to be a
waiver of any other or subsequent breach. The failure of either
party to enforce any provision of this agreement at any time shall
not be interpreted as a waiver of the provision.
 This Agreement is constructed in accordance with section 6 of
British Employment Act Bill 2000. A single arbitrator agreed upon
by the parties shall decide any dispute between the parties arising
out of this agreement.
 In submission to this contract/appointment letter, I hereby confirm
and agree that the signature is not an impersonation of me and is
all true, legal and I understand that false signature will lead to
termination of my appointment.
Entirety of Agreement
I hereby certify and agree on the Company policy contained in this
application to proceed with the offer and do hereby accept this job offer
with the Terms & Conditions stated herein.
________________________ _________________________
Michael F. Booth Employee
HR Manager
Highgate Hospital
17-19 View Road
N6 4DJ
Email: [protected] __________________
17-19 View Road, Highgate London,N6 4DJ
Tel: +[protected]| Fax: +[protected]

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