Foreign Horizons Chandigarh — Chor kanjar saree

+91 97 7975 3822
+91 99 1520 0162
+91 17 2436 7777
SCO 126-127, Basement, Sector 8C, Chandigarh, Punjab, India – 160008

Hi i am here to make all of you aware about chor foreign horizons chandigarh. Dont file ur case through them by just reading their article in newspaper. Because i[censored] do that, u will only come to know when u dooped ur hard earned money. Just ask from them about these google complaints, very sharply they will answer you that they are not aware about all of this. Someone made me aware when i met them. But at that time they told me that ur case is different. One thing guys i want to make it very clear they filed ur case on 570 elicos sector(certificate 4 in EAL). In Same category they apply and even similar SOP. Dont get excited just only by medical. Its not a visa. They people read this complaints and improve their fake statements. They are big liers. Dont believe on their statements. They spoiled my one year. Sab to pelaa jado tusi ina nu paise dene inaa ne udo e una paiseya di ik saal di fd kara deni te interset khande rende… te loka nu pagal banaande rende ki tuhadi college te embassy wlo enquiry chal rai hai…aus high commission di website dekho 570 da processing time wad to wad 3 months da hai…te j ina nu tusi puchoge ta kehnge v hune e newspaper vch aaya … rules change ho gue… te tuhade vise di 100% gurantee v lainge… eh apne aap nu eh show krde ki inaa di embassy naal sidi gal baat hai… ik gal hai bas .. ina nu sirf te sirf paise naal matlab hai.. kisse de career ya time naal nai. Mere 70, 000 hale tak ni waapis hoye last year april 2015 di fasi aa main inaa kol. Sab to kuti chij o kaartik hai… jo lokaa nu hor e glaa vch ghuma denda… te garima te vikram ta tuhanu eh show karnge v aus high commission naal chaa paani ikatha e hai unaa da… shikha jhuth bolan vch number one hai. Jis kisse ne inaa baare pta karna mainu [protected] te call kar lye.. mere naal e kinne hora de paise v inaa kol fase ne… taa e chandi aa ki kise hor de na fasan

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