Foreign Horizons — Fraud

+91 97 7975 3822
+91 99 1520 0162
+91 17 2436 7777
SCO 126-127, Basement, Sector 8C, Chandigarh, Punjab, India – 160008

Foreign Horizons in Sector 8 Chandigarh is a fraudulent company, these are duping people freely, no one is there to stop them, They cheated me of 50, 000 Rupees by providing me fake details of visa and they did not even submit the documents to the embassy neither they filed the case and every time showed me fake documents to show the case is in progress. They fooled me for full 4 years. And when I asked for refund when I came to know their reality they threatened me and harassed me and my family. Their owner would call you by himself till the time you have not paid money and after that that would not even let you enter the office premises. Their staff Navdeep and Garima and khushi are the biggest of cheaters they will cheat you that sharply that you would only come to know after loosing all your money.

So all the people in Chandigarh and people of near about places Please think twice before applying there for Visa as you will end up in loosing all your hard earned money and assets. This is my personal experience, I lost 50, 000.

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