Foreign Horizons — Frauds

+91 97 7975 3822
+91 99 1520 0162
+91 17 2436 7777
SCO 126-127, Basement, Sector 8C, Chandigarh, Punjab, India – 160008

Listen… please dont fall in trap… they are fraud .. please dont think so that all these reviews are fake…or we people who are posting here about their fakeness have extra time to post.. this is just because we want to save ur money and time.. because we had very very bad experience with that company .. so baad vch pachtaan naalo te eh sochn naalo v sada case ta vakhra aa .. sada visa aa jana… kuch v ni aana… eh 15 saala to esse kam vch aa … pake khilaadi aa.. so please think and save ur money

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