Fortis Escort Hospital Amritsar — Casual approach of the doctors towards in-patients

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It is very sad to intimate that i had lost my father in fortis hospital i had come for angiography of my father on 01.07.2012 as recommended by dr. Arun chopra every time when we meet him since 18/05/2013.
Complaint against dr. Arun chopra
1. Immediately after the angiography on 01/07/2013 my father got severe pain in his stomach i had repeated told the nurse on duty about the pain but dr. Arun chopra did not even bother to see him single time. When i approached him at 05.30 pm in the evening he asked me where he had pain and said it would not be heart pain and went home. I want to ask him why he was not bothered about the post angio effects?
2. My father was taking treatment from dr.Chopra from 18/05/2013 and was having creatinine of 2.00 even on the day of angiography and the doctor was least bothered about that and said i do angio at this no problem will come. I want to ask him what precautions did he take for such patients and why not my father was angiographed with precautions ?
3. My father was regularly taking medicine of heart. I want to ask the doctor why the medicine care is not given and why my father had not be shifted to intensive care immediately after angiography as the other patients were taken to intensive care for six hours after angiography ?
4. Even on the next day dr.Chopra did not attended my father and referred to dr. Pankaj goel for
Operation and least bothered about the pain which came after angiography
Complaint against dr. Pankaj goel
1. On 02/07/2013 dr.Pankaj goel had said i am going to operate any time so before six hours of operation i give anethesia to the patients so that the operation can be done my father was talking to us and was enquiring for his health but the doctor did not told us the clear picture and put my father on ventilator and said operation will be done tomorrow. I want to ask him why clear picture was not told to us?
2. On the next day the doctor said he must have some problem in the stomach i donot know what and that is natural process if it stops only then i can go further i want to ask the doctor the following:-
1. Why not ct scan was done to find the problem?
2. Why md doctor was not called for treatment?
3. Why gastro opinion was taken on 4th day not on 2nd day of angiography
4. Why had he waited for the problem to cure itself if it is so why we were in hospital.
5. Why as he was saying he has to do immediate operation why such was not done and waited for patient to be dead
6. Why doctor is not approachable after 5.00pm .When i telephoned him he did not pick up the phone and when he picked up and said junior doctor would tell you the position. I want to ask him as it is said that a doctor has 2nd place after god and he must fight for his patient’s life till the last breath of the patient but i am sorry to say i could not see this thing in the case of my father.
I know nobody can redeem my father’s loss but my fight is only for the lives of the other people who believe doctor as 2nd palace of god and as my life has been ruined i don’t want it for somebody else.
This is my sorrow card for your hospital in place of your delight card.

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