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I am writing to request copies of my son's medical records. He was treated in your Hospital and he died during surgery .

Please provide his medical reports and every test report

Dr. Sadhna, Dr. Iyer, Dr. Tarun Raman Raina – my son's report (CT angio, ECO, ECG, BLOOD TEST REPORTS, X-RAY) which were performed on 24/7/2019 without admission during checkup and these all reports submitted by them during his death day and they didn’t give us back after our request.

I understand I may be charged a reasonable fee for copying the records, but that I will not be charged for time spent locating the records .

This is totally inhuman how can you charge for copies of medical records of a deceased person that too of 20 years of age.

Kindly give details of charges for this inhuman activity.

Even i visited there on[protected] for taking reports but they didn’t give me and didn't responded well . Now again they said me to visit Escort again. I m staying far away from Delhi but they are not responding my applications and reports at all.

Kindly provide my son' s every report as soon as possible .

Reports i need mentioned below :

1- Blood test reports

2- Dialysis report

3- CT angio

4- X-Ray

5- ECO and ECG done during whole process

6- Blood donation reports

7- platelets donation reports

I need each and every detail of my son's reports and details of each and everything during surgery they perform.

I had an appointment scheduled on 07/08/2019 for surgery with Dr.Iyer

After That I lost my child after surgery they done.

Kindly give me information

Please let me know if you need any additional information.


Mr. Neeraj Kumar

F/o Mr.Ranit Raaz

Mobile no. [protected]

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