Fortis Escorts Hospital — They killed my father due to their negligence

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Okhla Road, New Delhi, Delhi, India – 110025

My father was admitted to Fortis at Amritsar . The Doctor referred to him saying he require only baloon in his heart and we will shift back to hospital again.
As we reaches the hospital my mother was not caring cash to deposit in hospital. The hospital management straightforwardly refused my mother saying no cash no treatment . When my mother told them my son is flying back to Amritsar they said let him come we will start treating patient . This hospital is not for poor people .I came back and paid the amount then they started treatment of my father .

The doctor who was looking to my father said he is in critical condition we need to insert baloon then he will be fine . I told them please go ahead don't from me about this things please save my father .

After putting the baloon urine started coming and it was increased to 25 from 5 . This shows my father health was improving . Even he was in his senses .

Suddenly doctor said they want to do dialysis as my father Bp is controlling . I said please go ahead and give me more improvement . They said we will go with slow dialysis for 12 hour . I am not sure how long they did Dialysis.

Very next day doctor said now urine will not pass, I was shocked to hear this . Don't know the reason even he was not able to explain.

On the same day my dad had words with me, I boosted him saying he will be alright soon .

Next morning when again i went to see father blood was coming out of his nose and his pillow as completely wet with blood. I asked doctor what is going on why there is blood . They said we gave medicine to thick your dad blood and its happens you don't need to worry every thing is under control.

Whole day i didn't went to see my father at ICCU Heart command . At night i generally goes up to see the progress and found doctor panel was trying to stop the blood . I asked them why this is happening why didn't the doctor came whole day though blood was coming since morning . The doctor said we require blood immediately . Lot of blood has been lost due to bleeding .

Any how i arranged 1 unit and gave to them . they told me please go out we are taking care of patient .

Tomorrow morning i got the call from hospital thet my father expired and they gave me last bill of 62000 to pay to get my father body.

Please guide me how can i sue these bastard .

Soon am going to campaign against them in social media .

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