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Dear sir/madam,
This is completly embrassing that a reputed hospital like fortis where people trust on name is in bad management at kangra himschal, patients come in morning and wait till evening for doctor, meantime there is no guidance no information like doc in ot and eill take time or come tomorrow or anything it's zero. Staff sitting at billing counter doesn't read doctors writing and make the bills of something else which is not written in doctor proscription, their attitude is very arrogent, most of time busy on mobile.

I do respect of the reputation of hospital, but today's experience was worst spending number of times more money then govt hospitals, my simple request is that staff should be properly train to guide the patient and people should not waste their valuable time just waiting for doctors without any guidance from concern staff.

I wish all the best for hospital and hope there would be certain action on the request so other people doesn't suffer like this, i am not sure i would visit fortis anymore after this experience, but hope other people will have benefit of his awareness which i am bringing to your attention.


Vijay rana

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