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I'd like, with a lot of resentment, to complain against the international patients service of (Fortis gurgaon) in a wrong attempt to make the hospital more attractive for arabs, the ips staff have told me that the hospital is near to an arabian restaurant (Middle east cuisine, south court, huda city centre metro station, gurgaon.) i've, along with my attendant, eaten in middle east cuisine and we've got a severe food poisoning! The hospital has recommended many others for the same restaurant and many of them have suffered. Recently i've received an invitation for a facebook page that has published a lot of clear videos which shows the huge number of huge rats which are living in the restaurant i've mentioned. The rats' waste would be found inside the food which the customers are consuming. Many patients are so angry with the hospital for this bad recommendation. We're planning to launch a boycott campaign against the hospital if the ips team are not punished or at least apologised properly for this irresponsible behaviour. N i wonder if they're receiving a commission from the rats' restaurant to recommending it??! Following is the name of the page:
Middleeast cuisine.
You can also search the page on fb: [protected]
In the photos field i am sending the appearance of the fb page i've mentioned.
You can contact me at my email: [protected]

against the international patients service
against the international patients service

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