Fortis Healthcare — Discrimination by the hospital

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I had an appointment on 27th september 2016 at 1:20 pm with dr. minakski singhal for a pelvis tvs and ultrasound of the breasts. i waited for more than an hour before being called in. as soon as i entered the testing room, i heard dr. singhal was discussing with the attending nurse that some celebrity had arrived and wanted to come for the test immediately.

While i was in the middle of the ultrasound test, i noted that someone called monica singh (i came to know later she was the manager of the radiology department) kept on calling dr. singhal repeatedly asking her how long my test was going to take. i found dr. singhal was getting distracted by the continuos calls and after the 2nd or 3rd call sudenly told me she needed to see my previous reports in detail and told me to wait outside. the moment i stepped out, i found the celebrity (i heard from one of the patients waiting outside that it was someone called asin and she happens to be an actress) walked in with some of her personal attendants and a hospital staff who i came to know later was monica singh. i was totally shocked to find that the celebrity was taken inside the testing room and i was removed while in the middle of my tests.

I felt humiliated with this attitude on the part of fortis, gurgaon and decided not to continue with the test. i protested about the unprofessional behaviour and demanded a refund. after the celebrity left, dr. singhal told me it was not her fault and she had to obey the order of the "management". she also advised me to get an ultrasound done since she found some problem while she was performing the test before it was stopped for accommodating the celebrity.

I believe this behaviour on the part of fortis gurgaon was very unprofessional and unethical. i wasted an entire day only to be removed at the middle of the test to accommodate a celebrity and told by the doctor thatafter i may have some problem which needed immediate attention. i fail to understand how a hospital and a doctor could be so shamelessly discriminating in their approach.

I came back with a disturbed mind and thinking about the possible the evening i got a call from mr. vijay sethi, director, hospitality and administration, apologising for the incident and assuring to look into the matter.

I have to take another appointment in another hospital and till then wait with anxiety. who is responsible? dr. singhal? or monica? or as dr. singhal indicated, the "management"? the hospital should take note of this, make an enquiry, take necessary action and ensure other patients do not face such discrimination.

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