Fortis Healthcare — Dishonour behaviour by fortis staff.

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Hi I rushed to the hospital in night hours from my home in sector 62 behind Fortis hospital, since I had a deep cut in my left hand and entered the emergency room for treatment my wife escorted me to the room doctors treated the cut and gave 4 stiches in my hand and recommended not to move it.
Now comes the billing part I went on for the billing total amount was around 2000 INR but we were carrying only 1500 INR only so requested hospital staff the below options, I was there with my 8 months pregnant wife whose consultation is also going in Fortis Noida.
1. Kindly let us go for a while and we will deposit the amount since we dont have the debit card with us : Fortis management said no
2. Accompany us to the house through u r vehicle: Fortis management said no
3. Since we were new to the town and don't have relatives here.
So lastly I left my wife as security deposit in the hospital and went to my home in such a condition to bring cash.
Is this the way you treat patients and those who regularly visit u r hospital. I hated this experience and recorded all the conversation on video with hospital staff, we are not ATM machines we are humans respect mankind..

Dishonour behaviour by fortis staff.

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