Fortis Healthcare — Dissatisfied service from so-called esteemed doctors

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Hi.. my father had undergone by-pass surgery from dr. tapas raychaudhury, currently associated with fortis hospital in may 2016. post surgery my father has severe cough problems, wherein blood came out every time with cough. we requested the doctor, to look into this. doctor never provided any cocrete solution, he just said to stop taking a few medicines for a week, and it will get ok. however nothing went ok. after 1 month, he asked to visit again along with some one of the tests – chest pa x-ray, fluid in the lungs was diagnosed, so we asked the doctors the reason behind the same and the cure. he asked us to go to woodland hospital and through aspiration exercise drain the water out and fluid has happened as the pumping exercise has not been done properly, it needs to be done at least 25 times a day. we replied you should have said the requirements about the pumping exercise earlier to us. the doctors didn't say anything. as asked by the doctors, my father had the aspiration twice, it was again a painful exercise for him. within a week, we again did the chest pa x-ray, and this time also to our surprise liquid in the lungs was diagnosed. we again went to the doctor and showed the x-ray reports to him. this time doctor behaved very rudely and arrogantly with us. he said i don't know why this liquid in the lungs has happened, we asked sir you are the doctor you must what are the reasons behind and what are the remedial measures. he again asked us to do aspiration, we said it is a very painful exercise, please suggest some medicine. he said there is no medicine in my knowledge, consult other doctors. then we asked him suggest some names, to which he replied, i won't suggest anyone. we even asked him about one / two issues which my father is facing, to which he abruptly said, he it get automatically ok.

It was really disappointing to see how such a senior doctor is behaving in today's time, they are not having any feelings for patients pain/ sufferings.

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