Fortis Healthcare — doctor left without attending to prior appointed patient

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Tower A, Unitech Business Park, Block – F, South City 1, Sector – 41, Gurgaon, Haryana, India – 122001

Fortis, vashi, is worst ever hospital manned by idiotic doctors and other people. 'service' and 'treatment' are completely missing here. Money is the main aim. Doctors don't have patience to listen to patients. Because they have to finish all available patients and go to personal clinics or hospitals to earn more. Here consultation period is less than a minute. My wife's health check up complimentary consultation took place for below one minute having paid for ₹4100/-. Because, by this they will get another separate consultation. They also prescribe medicines which are very costly and earn % from pharma companies also. They insist to do unnecessary tests and reports. If you show an existing report of 8-10 days old done elsewhere, they will not accept and insist to do again at their lab. Fees are very high and not affordable by middle class. Never recommend anyone to visit this hospital. Very pathetic. Sucking blood of common man.

I am a corporate (Sbi) customer of fortis, vashi. So far i have done 2 major surgeries and many consultations here. But every time i experience deficient in service and treatment. I can also name doctors like dr. Anand mishra, physician, dr pramod bhore, ortho (Who left today) etc. Don't have the service mentality. They are only here for money.

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