Fortis Healthcare — dr. Rwman Abhi misconduct

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Yesterday my 75 years old father visited your gurgaon hospital with my mothsite listedwas diagnosed with infection a week ago by dr. raman at his home clinic. She visited him as her condition was worsened cos of the antibiotics prescribed by him (despite highlighting that antibiotics doesn't suit her)
The visit was post seeking the appointment however needless to mention it was notional as despite the appointment, people are made to wait indefinitely until doctor is available. There is no obligation to honour the appointment or keep customer's of whereabout or potential delay.That's an irony of medical services in India.
But what really grieved us was doctor raman abh's arrogant and humiliating behaviour. We pay premium to visit big hospitals with the assurance that services shall not be compromised and we will be taken care of with ease and respect. He not just yelled at my parents for expressing their discomfort in waiting but pushed them further down in the order of the queue. I don't know who has given him this authority but it is totally and we demand an apology from him.Need management to look into the matter and revert.

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