Fortis Healthcare — Emergency Room people extremely negligent

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I came with my friend, who was feeling sick and she went to the Emergency Room as it was the only ward open at 9:00 pm. I went to fetch a bottle of water for her. Then I went to the emergency room to find her. Unfortunately she wasn't carrying a mobile home phone with her. I asked the lady sitting on the reception Mentioning her name and describing her appearance. She wasn't concerned a single bit and said there is no such person admitted in the emergency room. I searched the entire hospital twice and even went to the security room to get the security footage checked, but still couldn't find her. Then I again went to the Emergency room and asked the same lady sitting on the reception. She couldn't care less about my friend. After an hour somehow the attending physician informed her that she is admitted in the Emergency room.
This is heights of negligence on the part of the Hospital. People come here to get well and feel at ease and not to face these issues and suffer.
Seriously Fortis Management, do look into this and make sure this doesn't happen with anyone else.
Date of incident:[protected]
Time of incident: 9:00 pm

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