Fortis Healthcare — ethic less and greedy dr ajay agarwal

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Money hi gry people with no ethics. Went there with my mother to a doctor who looks for sugar patients. My jad some problem in her feet. First thing he said was the moment my mother opened her socks was that we need to show this to a skin doctor and not him (U say the truth when u give ur first reaction without thinking.) and then the devil took over. He then stopped us from getting up and started asking my moyher what medicines she takes for her diabetes…? And then started writing her some prescriptions for her diabetes. (Nothing for her feet) when i intrepted that its better we go to skin doctor, the answer – you have come to me, so i have to weite something as now u can not use this slip for the skin doctor..' what a shame and disgrace to such a respectable profession. I was recomended the doctor by someone. I am sure he is good but so much greedy and no ethics… Dont u all think he should have told me to go to the reception and change my appointment to a skin doctor…?

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