Fortis Healthcare — Femur Fracture of the patient due to negligence

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I admitted my mother Dr. Kabita Mukherjee, aged 67 years, to your Fortis Hospital, Anandapur on 17th June 2016 for Spinal cord decompression surgery under Dr. Amitabha Chanda. The surgery was scheduled on 18.06.2016 with an expected stay of 3 days as per estimate provided by Fortis Hospital, Kolkata.

The patient’s complaints were:
• Numbness and weakness of legs
• Loss of balance and inability to stand continuously
Apart from that she is short of hearing and supported by hearing aid.

On 18.06.2016, the scheduled day of surgery, at 6:45 AM, I was informed that she had fallen in the ward bathroom while taking bath alone (unattended). This caused immense pain and swelling in her right leg. Subsequent investigations revealed that the severe fall resulted in a major fracture and dislocation in her right femur.

Incidentally, on 17.06.2016 evening also while she was asked by the nursing staff to take a bath she had already complained that it was difficult for her to take a bath in the bathroom all by herself. With the inability in her limbs any disaster could happen if the patient was left unattended in the bathroom.

As a result of this incident the scheduled Spinal decompression surgery was postponed. Instead, Dr. Ronen Roy had to do the operation on the affected femur.

Post Femur operation, I was advised that the patient would be kept under observation in the hospital. Subject to favorable condition the Spinal surgery would be rescheduled on Thursday, 23.06. 2016. The subsequent impact on recovery and stay in the Hospital is not known.

I find it absolutely shocking that how such a negligence of basic responsibilities could happen in a reputed institute like Fortis Hospital, Kolkata in spite of being aware of the patient’s medical condition.

My mother, being an active medical practitioner, has not only become immobile for a prolonged period, but also has to incur a loss of income due to this unfortunate incident. This also has led to immense physical and mental trauma to her and our family.

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