Fortis Healthcare — Fortis hospital noida are a shame and disgrace on medical fraternity

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Inhumanly Shameless Doctors who are a disgrace to mankind as a whole.

Money is all that they care for and they care a damn about the human life's or emotional trauma that they cause to the parents or the children who visit this hospital.

Spineless doctors at Fortis Noida and their administrative staff are trained to create a situation of emergency and havoc to the extent that they can emotionally blackmail attendants and demand admittance to hospital with the sole objective to make money and it has nothing to do with their Oaths which they took while becoming doctors.

My son of 10 was only supposed to get a CT Scan done as per his paediatrician who isn't even on panel at Fortis Noida because of no other reason than it being close to out residence and the doctors there in the hospital especially a couple of Paediatricians on duty at Fortis Noida left no stone unturned to traumatise my son and myself for this worst experience ever out my life.

The Paediatrician ( even after complaining to the Medical Director Mr Bedi at Fortis Noida the entire hospital staff was unwilling to give me the names of those 2 paediatricians ), in there spree to achieve their sales targets both the paediatricians ensured every little bit to emotionally blackmail me and also traumatised my 10 year old son to get him admitted into the hospital for no justifiable reason. Most surprisingly even the medical emergency staff who attended to my son said that they don't have names of both the paediatricians even though I was made to pay a fee for their visit to emergency.

Dr Bedi the so called medical director of this hospital seems to be a heartless and spineless creature who is running this institution not to cure patients and to save life's but only to make money. When I raised questions and my doubts they simply vanished from the place of incidence without even giving me any reasonable answer or even the names of the Doctors who attended to my son. How and why on earth would a Medical Director of a hospital want to hide the names of the doctors even though I was made to pay a fee for them. After listening to my complaint this Dr Bedi went to investigate the situation at the emergency ward and the first words he told me after coming back was that the action would be taken against the erring doctors and as soon as I asked him about the names he simply denied to give me the names and changed his stand saying he will investigate the matter and cannot tell me the names under any circumstances.

Beware people this isn't a hospital, it's a highway to hell being run by vampires.

Even after paying them for CT Scan and that was the only requirement as per the paediatrician whom we were consulting the doctors at the hospital kept insisting for an emergency admission of my son and additional tests and also MRI without any legitimate and logical reasoning post which the situation so arised that I didn't even after making them a hefty payment of more than 7000 in total I didn't even get the CT scan done at this so called hospital where doctors aren't really doctors but can easily pass off for butchers.

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