Fortis Healthcare — Improper treatment and robbing money from innocent for nothing (Treatment)

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Tower A, Unitech Business Park, Block – F, South City 1, Sector – 41, Gurgaon, Haryana, India – 122001

Worst service at the Fortis Healthcare. Me, cousin and her mom went normal check up at Fortis Healthcare at Cunningham Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052. All of sudden they are saying she has heart attack and started shifting to different department for check ups. finally 3 doctors called and said immediate operation need to be done and it is critical. They didnt let us to see our mom but kept us busy in taking treatment and said to pay 3 lakhs bill immediate operation. Then after a day we felt something is wrong and we decided to discharge and take to other hospital on precaution to friends advice. We said, we cannot pay more than what we brought also said we only came for check up. They started laughing and there was an arguments to discharge her immediately. After all, we discharged and took mom to Commando Hospital, Bengaluru where we had good service and didnt pay anything cox of military card. She is fine now and feeling better. However this needs to be escalated and immediate action taken against fraud people (Fortis hospital) and revoke licence for robbing innocent money. Please do take necessary action or spread to all to avoid this kind of hospital for saving life.

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