Fortis Healthcare — Irregularity in peor surgery

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Highly unprofessionally managed hospital.

My father in law was admitted to fortis hospital for a pre scheduled angiography on 18th jan.2016 at 9:23 a. M. He was diagnosed with blockage in 3 main nerves by dr. Hasmukh rawat. He suggested for an "emergency" admission in the same hospital & suggested for "emergency" coronary artery bypass surgery (Cabg) to be performed by dr. Anvay mulay..
We immediately admiited him and the surgery was to be scheduled on 20th jan 2016 at morning around 8 a. M.

On 20th jan 2016 at around 7:45 a. M. The staff told the surgery is to be postponed as there was "emergency" last night and the doctors were too exhausted to perform a surgery.
Ok. "emergency" is understood, but since it was last night when you has an "emergency" why were we not told in morning at around 5 a. M or 6 a. M. The patient was "inpatient" in the hospital itself & he was accompanied by a family member. All the relatives who normally rush in this situation are starnded by such irresponsible answer & arrogant behavior by such a big institution.

The major surgery being rescheduled on 21st jan 2016 at 8:00 a. M was supposed to performed on time but another "emergency" was attended night before and same way at around 8 a. M. We were again told that the doctors are not in state to perform surgery.
Emergency is understood, but twice you reschedule a major surgery just because you have another emergencies.In spite of the fact that the patient was admitted under an emergency. What the hell are you saying guys.

You are hopeless, disgusting, arrogant, rude, professionals.

If i ever have to suggest anybody it can`t be this hospital.

Warm regards,
Confused & troubled erstwhile in-patient.

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