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I have bad experience fortis IVF. Dr. here forece to go for donar egg evenif follicles of required size are present. Ultrasound reports are givn as per IVF specialist dr.. They dont provide film evenif they charge more than other hospitals. IVF specialist are totally commercialized. & cheating people. Playing with patient's emotions. After 60000/rs stimulation egg was growing but still dr, seema madan cancelled my cycle intentionally. Forcing radiologist to tell no growh of egg, Later i got checked from another clinic.
This is may experince with three more IVF clinics.(miracle-appolo, artimis(dr. ela gupta was sarcastically laughting & telling its like empty bottle) . Bournahall(De, Sweta gupta, Dr leena, Dr. Kamini-they produce wrong blood reports & same foring for donar eggs) They force you to go for donar egg evenif sufficient follicle count & size is existing on your own.
There should be some strict law on IVF medical treatment & its commercialization. Shame on such doctors especiall above lady doctors. Their medical registration should be cancelled. You can do sting operation with these IVF centres.
They are not happy with money they are charging for ivf treatment with own eggs. they want more money. these lady dr should be kidnapped & their organs should be take out to sell & leave them. Then only they will come to know how they are playing with others life & emotions
I will provide reports on request

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