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Hi, this is Abhilash, I had been admitted at Forties Kalyan for OPD of my Leg injury, The overall experience of the the hospital was good. I work for ICICI Bank and my medical insurance was covered under ICICI Lombard. At the first query by father before shifting my room from ICU to general ward, the hospital staff did not guided properly about difference between general ward. twin share and Delux. They only told the major difference lies in the room rent which was minimal of 200 to 300 Rs. The didn't guided us about the other cost which gets increase according to room you opt for. Its was almost 8.30 pm when they told us that the total amount of expanse was 1.92 lakhs and only 1.02 lakhs as been approved by the insurance company. The difference amount of Rs. 88500 needs to be paid by us. RS.88500 majorly consisted RS.58000 doctor consultation fee and Rs. 15000 room rent which was not included in the insurance as my eligibility was only for Twin Sharing room facilities. Because of lack of information and guidance I ultimately had to pay the difference amount by borrowing from others. If the person over the counter would had guided properly. who is doing this work day in and day out this hassle would not have happened.
Kindly help me with solution if possible.
Abhilash V S

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