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On 26/04/16 my mother was admitted for Urosepsis and the family physician had recommended catherization as bladder and stomach was distended. CRP was found out to be 390.

Claseibella and E coci was diagnosed. Morepenam was administered. Colistin was started after few days. CRP became 109.

Fresh bacteria Enterococcus faecum was diagnosd with CRP jumping to 250 after a week of admission

The urology Dr Sreenivas was called on 2/05 and advised lower abdomen USG. No review was recommendec and I went pillar to post for urology dr to see. He went out of station and my mother was seen by a junior dr after three days . Meanwhile my mother suffered.

I am asked to wait until Monday 9/05 for cystoscopy while he returns . Is this acceptable ??

I have taken a decision to shift my mother .

Complaints :

1. Why was the urology dept referred so late after admission

2. Why was a review after USG was recommended done after 72 hrs of first reference by Urologist.

3. Why do thr pt have to wait for Urologist Dr Sreenivas to return from out of station. Why an alternate dr was not appointed for Cystoscopy.

I have borne a huge cost without proper treatment and I am shifting patient.

All medical advices can be produced to support above claims.

Please resolve at the earliest.

Medical diagnosis and action

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