Fortis Healthcare – Mohali — Lost my father due to negligence

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My father was rushed to Fortis Mohali in emergency as asked by the oncologist Rajiv Bedi due to a ruptured vein in the eye. But to our dismay, nobody bothered to look at him in the first three precious hours. On voicing out to the supervisor, a little activity did take place.Mr. Oncologist didn't even bother to come for a checkup.The untrained doctors and nurses did more harm than good by pushing food pipe and making his nose bled.That caused lung infection.His urine bag was not changed for two days.he had bed sores because none of the doctors or nurses even think of changing his position.CT scan and blood reports in emergency also took two days.As it is he had low platelet count count, no food intake for two days, still was given enemas and physiotherapy for lungs. Doctors kept on forcing us to put him on ventilator, when he was breathing normally. In the evening they made a new report of him contracting dengue, which was quite shocking.When his pulse count was low Dr. Thind and Dr. Neeraj on duty didnot even bother to get up from their seats.In the end he couldn't fight the battle and I lost my father.
Yeah they did manage to make 2.5 lakhs out o[censored]s.

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