Fortis Healthcare, Mohali — Negligence of Doctors

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Horrendous experience at Fortis, Mohali
I had the most unfortunate experience of getting my aunt (Tayiji) Mrs. Krishna Dewan (ID: 286994)operated at Fortis for Sigmoid Diverticuloses coupled with Colovesical Fistula under Dr. J.D. Wig and Dr. A.S. Bawa. She was admitted on 4/2/11 in Fortis Hospital, Mohali. At the time of admission, the counsellor ( Ms. Zubi) had in consultation with Dr. J.D. Wigtold us that the total cost of surgery will be around Rs. 1.75 Lakh and she will require to stay in hospital for 4-5 days. She was operated on 5/2/11. After the operation, a leak was detected in her surgery (left due to the negligence of the operating doctor) as a result of which she developed Septocemia. The doctors at Fortis kept on falsely assuring us that she will be alright though she was put on ventilator after she developed complications. When we saw no recovery, we had to shift her to P.G.I. Chandigarh as per the doctor’s advice on 24/2/11. We spent around Rs. 7.4 Lakhs as against Rs. 1.75 lakhs earlier told to us. She unfortunately died on 0 04/03/11 as she could not recover from the Septocemia she had developed at Fortis.
During my stay at Fortis, I was astonished to notice the callous attitude of the doctors available. The whole motive of running the hospital to my mind, it seems is to make money. The welfare of the patients sadly seems to be the last concern of the hospital. On 13/02/11 when she developed complications, though we had deposited Rs. 1.75 lakhs at the reception on the same day, for a mere Rs. 20000 which was to be the cost of the days to come, her operation was delayed by more than an hour. We had a hard time convincing the female sitting at the reception that this cost is to be occurred after 5 days and against a surgery cost of Rs. 11500, We had deposited more than Rs. 1.2 Lakhs. The remaining cost of Rs. 20000 will be required only if survived the second surgery, but the lady was adamant and refused to give the clearance for surgery without realising that the delay of one hour could have been fatal. The female asked us to sign the promissory note thought we pleaded that as soon as the operation started somebody can go back home and bring the balance. Little did, she realised that the day was Sunday and it was 7 AM in the morning. How cruel, inhuman and insensitive a human being can be ,I realised after this experience.
I think the motto written everywhere in the hospital as “CARE AND CURE” should be changed to SCARE- so as to attract patients by terrifying them with wrong and inflated diagnosis and SECURE – Assests/ money for the hospital by holding the patients as bonded after they are admitted and sucking the life out of them even if they survive.

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