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COPY THE MESSAGE SENT TO THE COMPANY IS ATTACHED FOR YOUR HELP "i today i.e. on 18/03/2008 reported in cardiology department with prior appointment with one of your dr g s kalra at 10 a.m. for the purpose of getting an angiography done. i wish to advise that i am a patient of cadiomyopathy and suffering from diabetes. i was asked by dr kalra to get myself admitted for which i depoisted
rs 10000 and was alloted bed no 11 and i remained there upto 8.30 pm un attended
and without being told when my procedure is to be done. i tried to enquire from the staff present in the room which was totally uncooperative. i further add that being a diabetic i was kept hungry from 10 am to 8.30. in between my sugar level has fallen down for which when i asked for some help nothing was done to meet my request.
similar was the case of the patient who was on bed no 7. when his relatives made a scene in the hospital his angio was done at the same time. height of the things are that when i saw that there is going to happen nothing i pressed for my discharge as no body is acring about me my discharge slip is marked that this is being done on my request. moreover i have been charged with rs 2626 for the poor services rendered by your hospital which included doctors visiting charges which has never happened in my case. is this the service which your insitute which cosiders itself the best is rendering to the suffering persons. is it ethically right. it might be right for you as it might have been your motto to churn money from the suffering people. you might also be aware that a dissatisfied customer can cause a great loss to the institute. kindly look in to the matter and first of all refund me rs 2626 at the earliest and also think how you can compensate me for the poor medical service rendered to me. mine patient uhid no is 00155485 and ipid no 61718."

ripu daman mehta

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