Fortis Healthcare — Ridiculous coordination between the nursing and the pharmacy staff

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Fortis, so called epitome of medical services is falling flat on their face coz of stupid co-ordination between the nursing staff and the hospital pharmacy. It's worst than a government hospital. My mother-in- law under went breast cancer surgery and now chemo. This is the third chemo cycle of hers. After the intimation is put by the hospital then the insurance company for cashless starts. I have tried all possible.way to fasten the process so that my mother-in-law whose condition becomes really bad after the chemo, doesn't have to wait for too long. The moment they start the chemo I inform them the medicines required so that they can tell the pharmacy and they can send the acknowledgment so that before the chemo procedure is over the nursing staff can send the intimation and the insurance process can start. I informed them at 10 am. Pharmacy was informed at 10.15. It's 2.30 pm rt now the chemo is over and my mother-in-law is held in conscious waiting to go home. But because the Pharmacy delayed to acknowledge the bill they couldn't send the intimation. Through all this is the patient is hanging around like some animal just waiting and hoping that maybe this time around everybody will do what they are suppose to and treat the patient with care and humanity, the primary reason y they r there.

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