Fortis Healthcare — Terrible Experience @ Fortis Gurgaon

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+ Visited Fortis on to meet Dr AnitaSethi for cataract surgery of my mother whom I called especially fromAmritsar to get her treated from so called good institution.
+Doctor was familiar to us as she had already operated my Aunt at Atrimas and she was theonly reason we opted for Fortis.
+Available estimate known to her for surgery was 02 options involving a package cost of 35K and 40K.
+We opted for 40K package.
+As this was a insurance case we approached the TPA and there we were again asked to opt for the one package out of available packages of 35K and 40K and we opted for 40K.This is to mention here that no estimate was given to us for any of the package.
+We completed the TPA formalities and this being a co pay case was approved for 70% the very same day.
+Surgery was scheduled the next day on15th Apr 15.
+I approached the admission counter and they could not found any intimation from the TPA and to my surprise shared that the cost available to them for this surgery was 45K.
+I requested them to check and as theTPA was close at that point of time I was suggested to go in for admission and was assured that the necessary clarification will be taken afterwards.
+I was asked for an additional 10Kbefore the Day Care facility was allotted.
+My mother was operated without taking my consent on the surgery cost.
+I then approached the TPA for F&and was told that the rates have got revised since 1st Apr and the cost is 45K.
+I was shocked to hear this as there was no update to Dr as well as the TPA for this revision.
+I tried my best as the contacted cost with me was 40K and I was in no mood to unnecessary wait for sending the estimate again to the TPA to settle down the differential but nobody came to my rescue.
+I waited and waited and finally the bill came with another shock.The bill amount was 53K.
+I asked for the details wherein I found that there was a charge of 02 Lens for the surgery. I was bit surprised and I went to the doctor to enquire how many lens are being used for cataract of 01 eye and she said Dear only 01 lens is required. My reply to her was then why yourHOTEL has charged me for 02 lens and this was surprise to her also.
+I went back with lot of hurt and anger and asked for someone, s help.
+There were then round of discussions among the staff TPA+Sachin+Prateek and finally Shikha Rampal Guest Relations Manager came in.
+Sorry and Gyan was the only available Answer.
Let me mention you guys have become so commercial that the so called Nobel profession is no more Nobel. This is pure and pure P&L which is being driven at the cost of financial and mental trauma to the family of the client (Not the Patient).Will upload this in all possible ways on social media if I am not heard and given written apologies.

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