Fortis Healthcare — Unnecessarily harassing ill patient it’s ridiculous

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My father is being diagnosed in fortis hospital ruby park, anandapur in kolkata, from past week. He is ailing with severe liver infection and jaundice. Doc from there has given some tests to be performed by the lab technicians. I don't understand today its the 6th day and the people don't understand that the patient is ill. Daily they are saying not today, come tomorrow for this test and that fact they did a whole lot of wrong set of tests in a package to get the money. How ridiculous is that. He is so old 57 yrs and still in so much weakness travelling so much to hospital. Today its worst he went and they dint let him see the doctor saying one of your reports will be tested on friday evening so come tomorrow again then only see the doctor. Is the hospital faking people or irritating people in illness. Why the consumer doesn't put a seal to such ruthless medical centers?

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