Fortis Hospital — amount of time given to patient

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This complain is regarding Dr Madhu Srivastav ( Gynacologist) . Being a senior doctor i regret to say that she doesnot know how to behave with her patients . After spending amounts in your hospital we just get a minute out of the doctor, the doctor is always in hurry and not at all corporating. My queries remains unanswered due to her ignorance towards her patient, As she just want to finish maximum number of patients. Dont you think after spending 500 re on each visit one patient need some proper attention and some satisfactory answers from a doctor. But I am really felt as I am in a village hospital. And I discussed this with many of my friends even they told me same about her. It made me feel that finally Fortis made hospitals as a business unit, And all its doctors are in hurry to suck more and more money out of patients. Pathetic …….

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