Fortis Hospital, Bangalore — Price Difference in the vaccination within two branches of Bangalore Fortis Hospital

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I went for vacination to Marathalli clinic of Fortis for my kid, they charged me some x amount for that which was more than MRP but when asked they told that it is the system generated price we cannot do anything and they were not ready to listen it.
Due to some reason i went to Banergatta fortis for regular heath checkup for by kid to the child specialist which we were referrring from baby's birth and also for the second dose for the same vaccine which was given at marthalli, when enquired the price was around 250 rupees less than the price they charged me at marathalli clinic of fortis.
Later on stating the concern they told me they are sorry and they were asking for my home address for money refund.

It was by chance that I went to another branch of Fortis and came to know abt the price difference but what about the parent who have taken the vacination from marathalli….
I was thiniking to file a case in consumer court for this please suggest….


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