Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore (Dr. Deepak) — Patient denied hospital service

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Dirty Politics in a well-known hospital like Fortis (Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore)!!
Today I was a victim of dirty politics combined with gender bias in such a famous hospital. I am TB patient and very sick but was not allowed to use the elevator today because some "important guy" was being shifted from the x-ray room to another floor. A doctor whose name I later found out to be Deepak R. ordered my mom and I to get out of the elevator because some other patient had to be shifted. We stepped out of the elevator and waited for ten whole minutes! This so-called doctor blocks the entry to the elevator and tells us we have to take the stairs because some "important person" is being shifted! After waiting for ten minutes we try to get back on the elevator but he pushes us out and starts yelling at us. Says that he will call security and have us thrown out of we do not get off the elevator. When I finally decide that I have had enough of this cheap so-called doctor and step out to leave he tries to create another scene by blocking my way and falsely accusing me of calling him names! Being a woman it was indeed very disturbing when he came up to my face like he is about to hit me! AlI this for what?? He just held the elevator idle for nothing. I would have understood if there was a patient on a wheelchair or a bed but we were asked to take the stairs just because this Doctor wanted to wait for some guy who did not even exist!!?? You would think a hospital like Fortis would give equal care and treatment to all patients but unfortunately I was shown otherwise today. Me a TB patient and my mom a diabetic and arthritis patient were asked to take the stairs because some other invisible patient was more important to them..why?? Because we are women or because the sick doctor was in a mood to hold up the elevator? Being an NRI this is the most ridiculous experience I have had in India so far! Very sad. I would like to press charges against him and the hospital for denying me timely treatment and refusing to provide basic hospital services. I am not going to let this pass. The pain and trauma this whole thing caused me today will not go unheard.

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