Fortis Hospital Bhandup — mismanagement of Asst.Doctors

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Fortis Hospital,
Mulund (w).
Respected Sir,

My self Mrs. Sheetal S. Manek would like to inform the management about unfair things happened with us n take appropriate action to maintain the good name of this Hospital.

I would like to summarise everything in detail n i really expect good response from ur side.

My Husband Mr. Sanat D. Manek, had GALL BLADDER STONE, n we had come to take opinion of Dr. DHIREN PIPALIA, He suggested us to meet Dr. MOHAN KOPPIKER for surgery,
so we immediately met Dr.M. KOPPIKER and he suggested us for surgery. We agreed n my husband was admitted on 7th of june 2010, under the treatment of Dr. MOHAN KOPPIKER.
N here the First Problem Started, We are pure vegetarian, n the food served on 7th june for dinner was non veg. Staff members appolozised n said sorry. ok No problem cause this was not a
major problem but it did not stopped here.

Next day i.e. 8th june 2010 in the morning was the surgery, but before surgery Dr. Mohan Koppiker N Assist. Dr. Naushaad, told us that my husbands HCV blood report was positive. so he
suggested that it would be better i[censored] again meet Dr. Dhiren Pipalia n i will talk to him about this. but at present there is no problem in doing the Surgery. So he did the Surgery it was done
very very perfectly n nicely, We are really very very happy with the Dr.M. Koppiker, wonderful job he had done, along with the Gall bladder stone Surygery i.e. LAPROSCOPIC CHOLECYSTECTOMY,
Dr. M. Koppiker also got scare tissues of LIVER so that it would be easy for us to do the Liver Biopsy, so we were very happy with the Dr.M. Koppiker, such nice gentle man. So atlast surgery was
successfully done. Now in the evening Dr. Dhiren Pipalia came to see my Husband. Mr. Sanat coz Dr. M.Koppiker had talked to Dr. D. Pipalia about the HCV Positive test. So Dr.D.Pipali suggested
us to do sum tests which was going to charge us approx Rs.15000/- we agreed n said yes to do the tests that were 1. HCV RNA QUANTITATIVE and 2. HCV GENOTYPE along with the
DR. M.Koppiker came to see my Husband, he found everything normal n gave us discharge and even that time he confirmed about Dr. D.Pipalia's tests, we said yes that we are going for
the two tests mentioned above. and even blood sample was collected initially for all basic tests before the surgery, so we thought that this two test will also be performed from that blood samples
Ok n Dr. Priya was assissting Dr. M. Koppiker that day, even i confirmed with her before discharge that this two tests has to done n she said yes u have cum next week n collect the reports of these
all tests. Suddenly before discharge we were said that these two tests were not necessary to be done, we were shocked, so confirmed Dr. Priya again n again she said yes, after asking for again
again Dr. Priya said ok i will confirm with Dr. D.Pipalia n tell u so she called Dr. D.Pipalia n said yes, no need to be done these two tests, so she cancelled with the pen.
Ok now we were discharged. We were called for follow up by Dr. M.Koppiker on 14th June. That time even he asked us to meet Dr. D. Pipalia for further investigation of Liver Biopsy Reports, that time
even Dr, Koppiker was surprised that why these 2 tests were cancelled.

So we took an appointment n were called for follow up 17th June 2010. for Dr, D.Pipalia
He asked us for all the reports, we were shocked , we asked which reports Dr.? U had told only for LIVER BIOPSY n other two reposrts i.e.1. and 2. even that time Dr.D.Pipalia was shocked, He said
I had told to do this reports why not done ? He said i had never told Dr. Priya to cancel this reports n she had not confirmed with it, that time we were very unhappy with the thing happend with us.
So we contacted Dr. Nisha from management. we told her the whole matter," that today we are here to Meet Dr. D.Pipalia from last 5 hrs, waiting, n paid the fees also but what's the use, without
reports what will Doctor suggest us."
Dr.D.Pipalia even talked Dr.Nisha that i have not said no to Dr.Priya, So she immediately called Dr. Priya, now the turning pt. Dr. Priya is clearly saying no that i have not cancelled this two tests,at the
time of discharge Asst.Dr. Tejashree was there so she is responsible,n not me…………. so this matter was joke for all of them, then we had to raise our voice but no use,. than Dr. Nisha said I will

check were the problem was n u call me again after two days , so we said ok. Than after two days v again called Dr. Nisha , She said that problem was of Mediclaim co. Our Mediclaim Co. had paid
such a huge amount of surgery , i.e. Rs. 71,157/- So, we dont at all thing that Mediclaim Co. wud refuse for these two tests.And even if the Mediclaim Co. had refused to pay for it, Than It is a
RESPOSIBILITY of the Hospital Doctors to tell us clearly the matter before cancelling the tests, We would have definately paid for the same. Because eof this behavioural pattern My Husband has to
suffer, already he had gone through a Major Surgery.

We expect the Management to take proper action against the nonsense reason given to us.
Please reply soon.

Thank You.

Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Sheetal S. Manek.

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