Fortis Hospital — Bill for services not performed

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Hospital – Fortis hospital Shalimar bagh
Doctor – Vinay Sanghi
Patient Name – Harish Arora
Date of admission – 22 june 2014
my father had a heart attack in the morning of 22nd june 2014 and we took him to the fortis hospital where they admitted him. After several intial tests doctor Vinay Sanghi asked us they they want to do angiography and asked to deposit 55000 at the reception. During Angiography he called us and showed the condition of 1 of my fathers artery and told us that it requires angioplasty and it is an emergency case.
He asked us to now deposit Rs. 250000 at reception, where we deposited Rs. 90000 since i was having medical insurance.
However just after we deposited money, he called us again and informed us that they were not able to perform angioplasty, as they blockage in the artery is very thick and now it has to be delayed for another 24 hours. By then they are giving blood thining medicine to him.
But the same was not for next 48 hours, even when it was told to us that it was an emergency case.
After discussion with the doctor we managed to get the CD of angiography scan from the doctor and decided to go for second oppinion. we have visited 3 doctors, where every one told us that my father requires a bypass surgery as the blockage is there in all of his artery not 1. Dr. Vinay Sanghi told us that it is only 1 artery which needs solution rest will be handled later on.
We shifted my father to different hospital but
Fortis hospital now shown us the bill of Angioplasty which was not performed at all.
They have charged us Rs. 126000 where the bill amount should just be Rs. 50000 whcih is of angiography.
I like to file a complaint agains the doctor (vinay Sanghi)for giving us wrong medical advice to increase bill and against Fortis hospital for charging bills for those medical services which were not performed at all.

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